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The Courageous Games is a summer event that provides Olympic style games for the youth to participate in healthy competition. These games are open to everyone within the region (Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Canada). We offer Baseball, Basketball (Boys & Girls), Flag Football, Softball, Swimming, Track & Field and Volleyball. This event will be hosted on the phenomenal Wayne State University’s Athletics Facilities (5101 John C. Lodge Fwy. Detroit, MI 48202). 

The Courageous Games is summer event ran by Courageous Inc., a michigan nonprofit 501c3. Courageous Inc. was founded in 2012 by Keith D. Williams of Detroit, MI. Keith and his organization are committed to making a positive life-changing impact in the lives of the youth in their community.  They've developed a motto for the youth, 'Just Finish'. The story behind this motto is youth often start a program or journey and very seldomly do they finish. Courageous is telling them to finish what they start. The reward in the end will be worth the journey. 

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Courageous Inc. has a sports complex on the west side of Detroit called Courageous Sports Academy. This venue has 4 batting cages, a weight room, a 600sqft turf area, podcast center, silk screen t-shirt machine and a health clinic. 

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Keith D. Williams

Founder/President of Courageous Inc. and the Courageous Games. 

Thomas Wilcher

Co-Director of the Courageous Games

Gerald Williams-Taylor

Co-Director of the Courageous Games